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“When I shop for a hospital I want the best.
Good hospitals wash hands and mop the floor.
Best hospitals clean the air all around us.”
Nice deep breaths… While I’m asleep, airborne germs are awake. I can rest easy knowing my hospital is using the latest technology to remove germs from the air. ”


Leading the way for safer environments for patients and caregivers.

Nice deep breaths...

“While I’m asleep, airborne germs are awake. I can rest easy knowing my hospital is using the latest technology to remove germs from the air.”

Elevated bacterial content in OR air causes increased surgical site infection rates.

Prospective randomized multicenter study results shows that joint replacement procedures performed in rooms with over 50 CFU/m³ airborne bacterial colony forming units per cubic meter were 2.6 times as likely to have postoperative SSI than those done in cleaner air with 20 CFU/m³.


Keeping Hospitals Safe

Illuvia® HEPA – Ultraviolet Air recirculation system (HUAIRS®)

Hospital air is contaminated with airborne microbes which can cause dangerous surgical site infections. Learn how the Illuvia® system is keeping patients safe.

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Surgical site infections (SSIs) continue to constitute a significant fraction of hospital-acquired infections contributing to morbidity and mortality to healthcare systems globally. There are approximately 290,000 incidences of SSIs in the USA alone each year, translating into economic loss of $8.36 billion. A significant portion of SSIs have been proven to be airborne in origin and correlate with increased bacterial air content.

"Eliminates at least 99.97% of bacteria in single-pass testing."

Center for Microbial Community Studies; Research Triangle Institute

"There is a good correlation between air contamination and joint sepsis rate."

OM Lidwell; Journal of Hospital Infection

"Reduces O.R. air bacterial levels by over 60%."

Surgical Infection Society National Meeting 2017

"Reduced the total and viable airborne particulates as well as colony forming units (CFU) per cubic meter in orthopaedic operating theatre."

– Surgical & Orthopaedic Research Laboratories University of New South Wales

"C-UVC units significantly reduce total and viable particle counts"

– The Journal of Arthroplasty, 2017

A consensus of 94% agree that the amount of airborne contamination in the active operating room should be minimized to prevent SSI/PJI.

– Second Annual International Consensus Meeting on Musculoskeletal Infection 2018

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