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Illuvia Sense surgical air disinfection system Airborne Bacteria

Airborne Bacteria

Illuvia Sense surgical air disinfection system Surgical Smoke Plume

Surgical Smoke Plume

Illuvia Sense surgical air disinfection system VOCs


Illuvia Sense surgical air disinfection system Infectious Aerosols

Infectious Aerosols


The air isn’t the issue—people are.

There are many limitations of current O.R. air systems, which can be reduced with a successful action plan.


Studies have shown that even with strict hygiene and quality standards in place, the O.R. air can be filled with significant levels of bacteria, spores, and viruses, which can be transferred from the environment to the surgical site, putting patients and hospital staff at risk.

1.7 M

HAIs Annually1


Effected Patients2

$40 B

Annual Costs1, 2

What Have We Learned Since COVID-19?


The air in healthcare plays a tremendous role in the transmission of infectious diseases and other potentially harmful contaminants


Continuity of care is a critical concern, and protecting HCPs from potential occupational risk is a major priority


The air in healthcare must be treated and rendered “safe” to protect both patients and HCPs

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The Power to Eliminate, Not Just Collect

Illuvia® Sense is a surgical air decontamination device with environmental sensing and reporting technologies for reducing the risk of surgical site infection and improving overall environmental safety in perioperative environments.

  • Reduces SSI risk as demonstrated in clinical studies
  • Creates a safer environment through the removal of volatile organic compounds, surgical smoke and bioaerosols
  • Uses internal ultraviolet germicide and HEPA filtration to supplement operating room ventilation
  • Non-turbulent supply of ultraclean air during surgical procedures won’t interfere with existing ventilation
  • FDA-registered Class II medical device

How it works

Watch our one-minute Illuvia Sense overview video.

  • Over 1,500,000 patients protected since 2017

A Proven Solution


Inactivates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and spores in the air.3


Reduces airborne bacteria levels during surgery by 72%, creating a safer environment for patients and staff.4


Can reduce the risk of infection during surgery.5

Air Decontamination Published studies have shown that Illuvia:Inactivates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and spores in the air.

Can help reduce surface contamination by 51%.6


Can reduce particles arising from smoke plume during surgical procedures.


Can reduce SARS-CoV-2 bioaerosols below detectable levels.8


A clinically relevant diminishing of surgical site infections. 99% effective in reducing bacteria, viruses and spores.

Capital outlay is immensely low, nominal compared to the risk of SSI.

Exceeded the estimated 70% reduction in particulate matter, experiencing fantastic results.

The unit does not occupy much space and is barely audible.

Leo Chough, MD, FAAOS
Orthopaedic Surgeon

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