Visualization of Operating Room Air

HUAIRS system was utilized during two orthopedic procedures. After each surgical case the air inlet filtration cartridge was analyzed for deposited debris via scanning electron microscopy. Significant particle contamination was evident after each orthopedic procedure. Various types and morphologies of particles suggest that they originated from multiple sources. Suspected cell-derived fragments were evident.

Reduction of Viable Particles in Active Operating Room

Deployment of HEPA/UV-C Air Recirculation System (HUAIRS) in active urology operating room (OR) resulted in ˃ 95% reduction in 1 µm, 3 µm and 10 µm viable particulates as well as 84% decrease in air content of 5 µm particles. The decline in airborne particle contamination strongly correlated with bacterial quantification results in support of the efficacy of HUAIRS in improving OR air quality.