Illuvia Data Sheet

In-room HEPA and Ultraviolet Air Treatment Unit. The HUAIRS device significantly decreases the level of airborne bacteria present in the operating room using a patented C-UVC technology-mediated elimination of bacteria, viruses and spores. Small footprint and low noise.

Illuvia® 500UV Performance Cartridge

The Illuvia® 500UV Performance Cartridge is the first line of defense against airborne contamination for the Illuvia® system. The cartridge contains a suite of advanced technologies to maximally treat air contamination and is designed for easy replacement.

Aerobiotix Technology Brochure

Preventative, adjunct ultra-clean air system to ensure superior air quality during high risk procedures. By 2030, the infection risk for hip and knee arthroplasty is expected to increase from 2.18% to 6.5% respectively.