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Visualize what’s in your operating room air.

Explore technologies and actions to advance OR air quality and infection prevention. Visit our educational resources to understand the different airborne hazards in the operating room and learn about the importance of air quality in preventing surgical site infection and contamination through airborne contaminants.


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Air Quality: An Infection Prevention Imperative

Learn to explain the relationship between contaminated air and healthcare associated infections (HAI) in healthcare facilities. Understand why patients undergoing surgical procedures involving implants are at increased risk of SSI. And describe strategies and adjunctive technology designed to reduce the infection risk associated with airborne pathogens in healthcare facilities.

Aerobiology - Infection Prevention Starts with the Air We Breathe

Controlling what cannot be seen should be a priority in the operating room. Air quality is critically important. Many healthcare facilities overlook the role that contaminated air may play in the risk of infection. Operating rooms contain many different types of particulate matter and perioperative activities may increase the spread of airborne contaminants. During surgery the entire surgical team and the patient are exposed to airborne particles that carry harmful contaminants.


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Dr. David Kirschman: Total Air Quality Management for Infection Prevention and Environmental Safety

Dr. David Kirschman: Reduction of VOCs, Bioaerosols, and Smoke Particulate with AeroCure Vac

Dr. Michael Decker: Using Data to Drive Behavioral Changes in the Operating Room
Reducing the Risk of Infection in the Operating Room: A Multispecialty Discussion

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