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Isn't HVAC Enough?

The air coming into your building through the HVAC system is clean when it enters the room.

The air isn’t the issue—people are.

“The microbial level in operating room air is directly proportional to the number of people moving in the room.”1


As staff members move through the O.R., they shed viruses, bacteria, and spores. Current interventions have limitations:

  • HVAC systems are not designed to deal with short bursts of bioaerosols (from people).
  • Standard room air exchanges are not enough for today’s busy O.R.s.
  • Facemasks alone do not prevent microbial shedding.
  • Central laminar flow systems neglect the areas outside of the central zone.

“Even the most robust HVAC system cannot control all airflows and completely prevent dissemination of an infectious aerosol or disease transmission by droplets or aerosols.”2

– ASHRAE, 2020


Based on outdated standards, inflexible systems

Minimum air exchange and positive pressure metrics are decades old and treat all procedures the same despite major differences in risk.

    Not addressing airborne bacteria: A critical cause of SSIs

    Airborne contamination is a dominant contributor to SSIs but are not addressed in most prevention initiatives.

      Don’t drive behavioral change and drive compliance

      No generation of real-world data for self-assessment or quality improvement.

        No performance data to evaluate effectiveness

        There is no way to know if a system is working effectively.


          The Illuvia® Sense, our surgical air decontamination device, is equipped with integrated sensors that track and record air quality metrics such as:

          • Contaminant levels of 10 various sizes
          • Temperature and humidity levels
          • Door openings per hour
          • Foot Traffic
          • VOCs from Smoke Plume, cement fumes, and WAGS

            Measurable Data-driven Healthcare Solution

            Use this measurable data in your bundled approach to:

            • Identify trends
            • Improve current processes
            • Increase compliance
            • Develop behavioral interventions


              Contact us to request a complimentary Air Quality Assessment of your operating rooms.


              Here’s what you can expect:


              We will install an Illuvia Sense machine for the complimentary assessment and establish baseline air quality metrics with its integrated sensors in sense-only mode.


              Then, we will take the same air quality metrics with the Illuvia Sense running within occupied and non-occupied rooms.


              The final step is for our team to process the data, and your local representative will provide an in-depth report showing the air quality results for your internal review.


              1. Levine AS, Siegel SE, Schreiber AD, et al. Protected environment and prophylactic antibiotics antibiotics. N Engl J Med 1973;288:477-483
              2. ASHRAE, 2020, Position Document on Infectious Aerosols

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