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Air contamination for predicting wound contamination in clean surgery: A large multicenter study

Gabriel Birgand PharmD, PhD, Gaëlle Toupet BS, Stephane Rukly BS, Gilles Antoniotti MD, Marie-Noelle Deschamps RN, Didier Lepelletier MD, PhD, Carole Hornet MD, Jean Baptiste Stern MD, Yves-Marie Vandamme MD, Nathalie van der Mee-Marquet PharmD, PhD, Jean-François Timsit MD, PhD, Jean-Christophe Lucet MD, PhD
American Journal of Infection Control (2015)


There is a strong correlation between air particle counts and microbial contamination, suggesting that particle counting can be used for routine evaluation of contamination in the OR ventilated with turbulent airflow or LAF.