Reduction of Particles in the OR using UV Air Disinfection Units

C-UVC units significantly reduce total and viable particle counts


Airborne bacteria are a major source for wound contamination during total joint arthroplasty. Crystalline ultraviolet C (C-UVC) filter units were designed to disinfect and recirculate air in the operating room (OR). This preliminary study assessed the particle reducing capacity of C-UVC units in a highly controlled OR setting.


The purpose of this preliminary study is to measure the ability of a C-UVC unit to reduce airborne particulate matter related to OR foot traffic in a strictly controlled OR setting, prior to measuring it’s efficacy in an active, dynamic OR environment.

Results and Conclusions

The C-UVC unit at 4 m had significantly lower particle levels. C-UVC units have shown to be capable of significantly reducing TPC and VPC in a highly controlled OR setting. Reducing airborne particles using C UVC units may reduce infection rates following total joint arthroplasty.

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