Air Contamination for predicting wound contamination

G. Birgand, PharmD, PhD. AJIC 2015. There is a strong correlation between air particle counts and microbial contamination, suggesting that particle counting can be used for routine evaluation of contamination in the OR ventilated with turbulent airflow or LAF.

Traffic Flow in the OR

A. Andersson RN, et al. AJIC 2012. Traffic flow has a strong negative impact on the OR environment. The results of this study support interventions aimed at preventing surgical site infections by reducing traffic flow in the OR.

Economic Burden of PJI

S. Kurtz, PhD, et al. JOA 2012. Periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) is a challenging complication associated with total joint arthroplasty.

OR Ventilation with Laminar Airflow

C. Brandt, M.D., et al. Annals of Surgery 2008. OR ventilation with laminar airflow showed no benefit and was even associated with a significantly higher risk for severe SSI after hip prosthesis.