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Reduction of Particles in the Operating Room

Airborne bacteria are a major source for wound contamination during total joint arthroplasty. C-UVC filter units are designed to disinfect and recirculate air in the operating room (OR).

Measuring Particulates during Surgery

Airborne particulates generated during a range of orthopedic, spinal and plastic surgery procedures was measured with and without the HEPA Ultraviolet Recirculation System (HUAIRS). This evaluation found procedure and environment influences airborne particles and using the HUAIRS, total and viable particulates were reduced.

Lab Study: Using a Controlled Introduction with Diathermy

Airborne particles were measured with and without the activation of the HUAIRS unit. Electrocautery ablation of porcine skin tissue was utilized to generate particles and then measured. HUAIRS significantly reduced particles and levels were returned to a lower baseline at a faster rate.

Aerobiology in Orthopedic Operating Room

Continuous air sampling studies in active orthopedic ORs showed significant fluctuations in airborne bacterial counts at the time of surgical procedures. Spikes in bacterial air content in active ORs could contribute to surgical site infection risks. Utilization of HUAIRS as an adjunct germicidal modality helped decrease mean bacterial air content by 57%.