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Aerobiotix, Inc. continually commissions independent and collaborative research on our technologies, partnering with leading biomedical institutions globally. In doing so, many scientific studies have been produced to show the effectiveness of HEPA-Ultraviolet air recirculation (HUAIRS) technology. These studies range from laboratory testing, case studies, conference presentations and peer-reviewed papers.

  • Reduced bacterial level 80 to 20 CFU/m³ in orthopedic OR¹
  • Reduced bacterial levels 67% in general surgery OR²
  • Reduced bacterial levels 41% in routine care³
  • Reduced viable biological particle levels up to 80% in orthopedic OR⁴
  • Reduced incidence of surgical site infection in joint procedures⁵
  • Reduced electrocautery smoke plume levels⁶
  • Reduced cardiac heater-cooler emissions

Peer Reviewed

A mobile device reducing airborne particulate can improve air quality

Messina G., et al. Presented at EUPHA 2019. A key finding: When the system was turned off intraoperatively, contamination rapidly increased.

Canberra Australia Presentation

Total and Viable airborne particulates during orthopaedic surgical procedures

AAHKS Presentation on C-UVC Disinfection and Recirculation Units

Curtis, G. et al. AAHKS Presentation on C-UVC units and the reduction of total and viable air particles in the OR.


Presentation on the Effect of a Novel Air Decontamination-recirculation system

Walsh, W.R., et al Presentation on study of viable and total airborne particulates during surgery.

ORS Presentation on Reduction of Particles

Presented at ORS 2018 on Reduction of Particles in the OR using C-UVC Units

Airborne Bacteria in the OR reduced by HUAIRS

Presented at Surgical Infection Society 2017 by Dr. Eachempati. HUAIRS reduced airborne bacterial content in active OR by 67.7%.

The Effect of a Novel Air Decontamination Recirculation System on Viable Airborne Particulates

Presented at The European Bone and Joint Infection Society, 2017, by W.R. Walsh, PhD, et al., reported 99.5% reduction in viable particle counts.

Time to reassess microbial contamination of OR air as risk factor for SSI?

Parvizi, MS, MD, FRCS, et al. American Journal of Infection Control, 2017 reported 53%-67% reduction of airborne bacterial content in active ORs.

Reduction of Particles in the OR using UV Air Disinfection Units

Curtis, G.L., MD, et al. The Journal of Arthroplasty, 2017 reported the C-UVC units significantly reduce total and viable particles counts.

Diathermy Study utilizing Illuvia 500UV

W.R. Walsh conducted a diathermy study utilizing Illuvia 500UV that found reduction in the airborne particulate count.

Reduction in Airborne Bacterial Levels using Supplemental System

W. R. Walsh, PhD, Airborne bacteria-laden particles in healthcare settings are now being recognized as a contributing cause of hospital acquired infections (HAI), and surgical site infections (SSI). OR Air Supplemental System reduced mean bacterial CFU/m³ by 57%.


Crystalline C-UVC Inactivation of Airborne Microorganisms

Sue Barnes, RN, CIC, FAPIC. This study was designed to test the effectiveness of the novel AEROBIOTIX (ABX) crystalline ultraviolet (C-UVC) germicidal irradiation in-room air disinfection and filtration technology on reducing airborne particle contamination in the OR. Results confirm 99.97% inactivation efficiency of aerosolized bacteria.

Outcome Study SEM of Operating Theatre Air

W.R. Walsh, PhD., conducted a study with scanning electron microscopy to evaluate the Illuvia filtration cartridge. A significant number of airborne particulates was detected within the cartridge after each surgical procedure.

Reduction of Airborne Bioburden during Lower Limb Total Joint Arthroplasty

Anis, H. MD, Curtis, G. MD, et al., Cleveland Clinic, Presented at MSIS 2018. This study demonstrated a significant reduction of total and viable particles as well as CFUs in active TJA surgeries.

The Impact of a Novel MAPS on the Bacterial Air Burden during Routine Care

Werner Bischoff, MD PhD, FSHEA, Gregory Russell MS, Elisabeth Willard AAS, John Stehle Jr PhD. American Journal of Infection Control, 2019. Aerosol transmission of pathogens can result in the rapid spread of disease. The mobile air recirculation system significantly decreased the bacterial load by over 40%.

The Impact of Supplemental Intraoperative Air Decontamination on the Outcome of Total Joint Arthroplasty

Cook, T., DO, Piatt, C., DO, Barnes, S. BSN, Edmiston, Jr., C.E. PhD. The Journal of Arthroplasty, 2018. While PJI is multifactorial in nature, this study suggests the use of intraoperative supplemental air decontamination significantly reduced the overall risk of PJI.

The Case for Implementation of Operating Room Air Decontamination Technology for Orthopedic Surgery

Russell Nassof, JD; Kathy Warye, Maureen Spencer, MEd, RN, CIC, FAPIC. Infection Control Today, September 2018. While there is a host of factors in OR environment and practice that can contribute to SSI, there is a growing body of evidence which suggests that air quality merits heightened attention on the part of the infection prevention community.

White Papers

Inactivation of Virus-Containing Aerosols by Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

Chun-Chief Tseng and Chih-Shan Li, National Taiwan University, Aerosol Science and Technology, 2005.
Study: to evaluate the application of UVGI for the inactivation of viruses. Conclusion: UVGI was an effective method for inactivation of airborne virus.

ABX Outcome Study: SSI Reduction Results

AEROBIOTIX technology previously demonstrated statistically significant reductions in total airborne particulates, viable particulates, and airborne bacteria when deployed in active operating rooms. The study was performed in a single OR at a 300-bed community medical center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Elimination of Aerosolized Virus in Single-Pass Testing

The Research Triangle Institute (RTI) Center for Microbial Community Systems and Health Research conducted a series of tests to determine the efficiency of viral inactivation by the Aerobiotix in–room recirculating air cleaner. MS2 virus inactivation efficiency of the Aerobiotix air cleaner was 100% observed when the unit was operated in “full on” mode.


Carrico, R.M. PhD DNP FSHEA CIC, Warye, K. The HUAIRS system represents a potential solution for the mitigation of bioaerosol emissions in order to eliminate SSI risk due to HCU in cardiac ORs.

[1] Walsh, W.R., Bradford, N., Davies G. MD, Oliver R. PhD, Verhuel, R. MBBS, FRACS, Bruce, W., MBBS, FRACS. Total and viable airborne particulates during orthopaedic surgical procedures. Infection, Disease & Health (2017).[2] Parvizi, J., MS, MD, FRCS, Barnes, S., RN, CIC, Shohat, N., MD, Edmiston, C., MS, PhD. Environment of care: Is it time to reassess microbial contamination of the operating room air as a risk factor for surgical site infection in total joint arthroplasty? American Journal of Infection Control (2017).[3] Bischoff, Werner, MD, PhD, FSHEA, Russell, G.B., MS, Willard, E.S., and Stehle Jr., J., PhD. The Impact of a Novel, Mobile Air Purification System on the Bacterial Air Burden during Routine Care (SHEA 2018).[4] Curtis, G.L., MD, Four, M., MD, Jawad, Michael, BS, Kila, MS, Barroom, W.K., MD, Higuera, C.A., MD. Reduction of Particles in the Operating Room Using Ultraviolet Air Disinfection and Recirculation Units. The Journal of Arthroplasty (2017).[5] Edmiston, C., MS PhD. Publication pending[6] Barnes, S., RN, CIC, FAPIC. Publication accepted AORN Journal[7] Carrico, R., PhD, RN, FSHEA, CIC. Publication pending


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